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Eureka Farm

our shop and cafe where you should drop in ‘for all things fruity’

Eureka Farm has been growing fruits and berries since 1993 having developed the farm from scratch after we brought the property in 1991. We produce many fruits and berries which we sell both through our shop and distribute to stores all over Tasmania.

blood plums
freshly picked plums are just delicious
raspberries are everyone’s favourite

As more fruits became available we started making jams and chutneys with some of this produce. Originally we used the wood stove in our house. Now we have a commercial kitchen  for making these preserves.

All of our recipes started from traditional country recipes which were trialled and modified until we were satisfied that they were the very best available. Confirmation has been achieved in the large number of awards we have won for our products.

prize winning jams and chutneys can be bought at our store

At our farm we offer free tastings so that you will gain some idea of the quality of our products. Many of our customers have come to know our products after visiting our farm and perhaps taking away a jar or two of our jams, chutneys, relishes and more. They would then contact us and ask for more. This has led to us  developing a mail order business. We are now pleased to be able to offer a more comprehensive service where people can see what they are getting, try it at their leisure and then order more from our on-line shopping trolley.

We hope you find the shopping cart web site useful and continue to support us. Lastly we now provide accommodation so those looking for a unique experience or just knowing more about how we made our ‘.sea change’

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