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  1. I have such a happy and delightful memory of Bill. When we visited the US Denys was very kind driving us to visit the various relatives that I had never met before except for Judy. Bill would always be in the background acutely observing everything I thought.
    On our last day in Washington DC Denis & I decided we would spend it at the Smithsonian Museum. As Judy was working an early shift we said our goodbyes the night before but when we awoke she was in bed and said, “for the first time in my life I am wagging it because I want to spend the day with you guys”
    Unbeknown to us Bill renewed his subscription to the Institute just to be able to take us to lunch in those hallowed halls. The four of us spent a memorable day together and how poignant it is now not knowing that we would ever see Bill or Judy again.
    Ann Buchanan

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