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The weather is starting to cool off. Still night last night and quite cool. I had permission for a control burn off and was blessed with the expert help of the Scamander Fire Brigade. It is still very dry here and burn offs in thickly forested areas with a lot of undergrowth and fallen dead trees from the 2006 bushfire can lead to some very interesting times if things get out of control.


the area we are burning off is next to the main house

the burn off commences about 7:30pm

All went well until the next day. I started to clean up unburnt logs and fallen branches , also some stumps were alight and I keep these going.

Later I went to pick some fruit and was soon visited by a very worried wife. The fire had started up again on the fence line as a result of strong winds and was moving fast. Lots of smoke making it look worse than it was. Never the less it is a warning that although we should be dong burn offs at this time of year we shouldn’t relax our vigilance until the fire is completely out.



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