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East Coast Trekking — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Denis,

    Scamander beach looks awesome, the main thing is to develop this beach for tourist. I am sure people will enjoy walking tour over here not only that but people would like to stay here. People should talk to their local Councillor about this place and ask them to develop this area as a tourist attraction.


    • Evreyone out there who wants access to our public spaces before developers hack up our countryside should write and support sarah in her mission to get a walking path along a small part of tasmania’s east coast. I see this as a small beginning just like the efforts ‘Cleanup Australia’ did to change our attitude

    • yeah I know the bloody tooth business became a pain in the neck- almost true anyway. But have better stories following .
      now in amritsar holy place of the silkhs and if i remember correctly where your romantic ventures with pam began. I will give their god your blessings

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