Fruit Fly back in Tasmania

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Every year Victoria dumps late season fruit into Tasmania just when our fruit is ripening. Tasmania has the potential to produce good quality fruit but there is no incentive to keep trying when this happens. 

A female Medfly ready to sting and deposit eggs onto a peach.

Now that the danger of fruit fly getting into the state is real maybe this is the time we should stop some fruits coming into the State. The latest two incidents were on nectarines. This is a big fruit and fruit fly larvae no doubt bury themselves inside. It could well be that their position protects them from fumigation.

As I see it there is no need for this fruit to come to Tasmania and our industry needs to be protected..

About Denis Buchanan

Once upon a time I was a Chemical Engineer now I am a born again Farmer. The transition was really quite easy with the major change that the life of feasibility studies has ended and any experiment that I wish to undertake is at my peril.

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