Jobs at Eureka Farm

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Update – 14th April 2018 
The picking season has just about finished. So we would still be interested in getting to know future applicants who live locally. This has become a recent requirement as we no longer provide accommodation. We appreciate those who have contacted us and if we let you down we apologise. Most of the time in the picking season we are very time short.

Looking for something to do. Part-time maybe. Picking fruit in the morning. This is a good way of earning pocket money for those extra expenses we all have. You don’t have to have had experience as we will teach you.

lots of blackcurrants were picked

lots of blackcurrants were picked

We are quite keen in knowing persons interested in some casual work who live in the Break O’Day Municipality. 


We are a multi faceted operation. We grow all sorts of berries; we  have over 2000 fruit trees including apples, pears and stonefruit. We value add by running a shop, producing icecream, sauces, jams and desserts.

A casual person would have to have the following :

  • be interested in working outdoors.
  • be in good health and reliable. 
  • can be of any age
  • flexible working days so that your life is not too disrupted.




4 thoughts on “Jobs at Eureka Farm

  1. Hello Mr Buchanan, My name is Michael Bevins and I’ve just been browsing your blog. It’s an amazing “coincidence” to find your story about Himalayan travels, as I’ve been living just north of Mcleod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh for the last 4-5 years, and am now looking to move to Scamander (after a friend recommended Bicheno). I leave in a week (June 1,2017). So I was browsing the web for rentals and possible work in Scamander and came across your site. I’d been fantasizing about a job with some human interaction and the possibility of getting my hands in the soil too. So it’s a pretty cute “coincidence”. I’ll drop in once I’m sorted, hopefully late June (if not earlier). I’m 64…for what that’s worth. I just thought I’d drop you a line to introduce myself. Cheers.

  2. Hi, I am locating to Scamander in a couple of months, exact time pending on the sale of our house here in NSW, and I was wondering if there would be any work going? Both my husband and myself have a hospitality background as well as have our own small fresh produce stall from our home. Is there an email we can send a resume to? Look forward to hearing from you,
    Regards, Laura

    • Why don’t you drop in one day and introduce yourself. Living in Scamander is really good for us. We do need pickers in Summer and would prefer locals. We also have other work during the year but this largely depends on the applicant’s experience and their desires.
      regards Denis

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