Kathmandu at last-finding my way

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 After the overnight flight to Hong Kong with Cathay Paciific where I had a window seat and sat with re-emerging aching tooth. Whilst I was squirming in my seat from pain my next door neighbour must have wondered what was wrong with her adjacent passenger. Kristen’, Pete’s brother met me in Hong Kong at the airport. I am sure that I wasn’t in the greatest shape but foggedly I sort of got thru the day before boarding my final outgoing flight to Kathmandu via Dacca. Fortunately my contact was there to meet me and take me to Deutsche Hotel where II have been ever since.
The title of this entry is truly appropriate as the Thamel area where I am staying is a maze of narrow streets alive with people and vehicles of all types during the day and well into the evenings. If you want peacefulness this is not the place to get it. But although tourists are well and truly represented the communities of mums, dads and children are behind every wall. I don’t think you can really know the area well because these little back streets have no names and weird narrow and maybe many storied buildings take up all the available space. Old stupas and gnarled walled in trees and other religious treasures seemed to be sprinkled everyone leading one to belive that in bygone years this might hve been opens spaces.
I am still getting used to my new lifestyle. After leaving Tasmania’s weather which was getting cold topped off by particularly cold weather in Sydney last weekend I have now arrived what two days later in Kahmandu where I hardly need to wear clothes. Last night I decided to spruce myself up a bit and not only did I shower but washed a few of the shirts that I have been wearing too long. The irony of the situation is that they don’t want to dry. There is no breeze at all and whilst it isn’t raining one feels that the wet season is not far away.
There is a good restaurant next door called the New Orleans

the eating hole= New Orleans

well frequented by tourists but not really offering local foods. So i have en searching for other places to eat- so far without much success. Yes there are lots of eateries many of them advertising that they will be viewing the Eurocup2012. Hamburgers,mexican, italian but not a lot flogging nepalese food. I suppose that is a function of the tourist demand but it is frightening how quickly the culture that everyone comes to see disappears.

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