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  1. Zamboanga!

    Traveler, there are only footsteps… about to become a grandfather; completing a fabulist roman called “Owen’s Alligator” (which is no such thing), trading my math/statistical quant-model Hedge Fund called Ramparts Group [not public] with great success.

    Since March 1993 I’ve walked 25,824 miles, past Eratosthenes’ equatorial circumference of Planet Earth; over thirty years from 1984 brother Brian in Connecticut has identified our “ancient Wiltshire line” as ultra-Norse Danish Viking Jutes from c. AD 820, rife with 10,000 Family History connections including distant branches throughout the Anglosphere.

    Now seventy-five, bit wobbly but goin’ strong. Thanks ever so much for bringing home these fifty years, like yesterday but truly a lost world.

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