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Life at Eureka Farm – Photos from the past — 2 Comments

  1. Greetings Denis
    Each year around Feb, 6 of us senior lads find a place to stay for a week to check the attractions of the area. In Fen 2022 we are staying in Scamander BUT after lauding the must stop at Eureka Farm, I note you are winding down like the Truss Bridge in Scamander. I write this with much sadness as I have bought many assorted jars at the “shop”. Thank you for the preserves & especially the ice creams.
    please let me know if I have been misinformed ~ if not, good luck in the future

    • thanks for your comments George. I guess I have missed your visit this year. In regard to our exit scheme this is still a work in progress. Getting another life may take a little time. Part of the reason is we think we have one of the best places in Scamander and perhaps even further afield. Our intention though is to wind down and have our shop opened less after May 1. Much more than that I cannot say yet as truthfully I am not sure what the Gods will dictate. As for the bridge I am amazed that we can’t save it as a n icon. It has so many potential uses and I am sure it will consume a great deal of money to remove it. May be we could get it listed as a heritage item.

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