My wife Ann and Myself

were looking for a nice place to start another life. To help us find this beautiful place we did a lot of sailing around Sydney and offshore as well. These skills were to prove very useful when we went exploring. In 1990 we set sail from Sydney and sailed as far north as Mooloolaba,Queeensland looking for our dreamplace. Although the north coast of Australia was very beautiful we thought it might be too hot in summer. So turning around we headed south and crossed Bass Straight for Tasmania, arriving in St. Helens on Easter Friday 1991. I think right from the start we thought this would be a good place to settle down.

This led to our next challenge. What could we do to make a living? Whilst this is a most beautiful place to live it didn’t seem to have much in the way of employment for someone with my qualifications.  So it was with these thoughts in our mind that we decided to go into farming. At the time we only had city perceptions as to what this could mean but optimism and naivety have in our case gone a long way to making us overcome many obstacles.


me:Denis Buchanan

Once upon a time I was a Chemical Engineer now I am a born again Farmer. The transition was really quite easy with the major change being that my recent professional life which seemed to be mainly feasibility studies had ended and any experiment that I wish to undertake was now at my peril.





Ann Calder (alias Ann Buchanan)

has been my partner for nearly 30 years. In Sydney she had worked in a variety of professions ranging from Real Estate agent, chef and managing various hospitality businesses. She has always had a love of cooking and her specialty would have to be cake making which can still be evidenced by trying one of her great desserts. Ann has always insisted that what she makes is of the highest quality and generally made using one of her special recipes.




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