Seasons Greetings

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We have been very busy picking berries. Heaps of raspberries this year. Maybe the attention I gave them in spring paid off. Our hill paddock suffered from last years dry weather and the subsequent incursion of weeds such as clover, twitch and buttercup. I never expect clover to be a problem but yes once it gets in it is difficult to get rid of.

We had a dry winter with hot and cold weather. Blossom time was severely affected in the stonefruits such as apricots. You may remember we were skiting about the amazing crop of apricots we had last year. Well it was the total opposite this year. Much of early apricots was affected by brownrot inspite of my spraying copper fungicides during the dormant period. 

One thing I didn’t do this ear was winter oil and as a result we had a massive out break of aphids. I have never seem them cause so much problems. Some branches in the cherries had die back as a result.

You really need to live a long time to know all the tricks.

I have had a great team of pickers this year which has really made my life a lot easier. More on that later.

We are looking for a exit plan. There are many ways to go about it. Your comments and advice would be appreciated. I think for the remainder of my life I would like to help other farmers in third world countries too.

About Denis Buchanan

Once upon a time I was a Chemical Engineer now I am a born again Farmer. The transition was really quite easy with the major change that the life of feasibility studies has ended and any experiment that I wish to undertake is at my peril.

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