Sprinklers do reduce fire risks to your house

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This summer looks like being a real test for all of us. In the cities or rural areas when surrounded by native trees the danger is very real as we are now witnessing in N.S.W and this is only October. In the event that a bushfire comes your way as it did to us in 2006 I don’t think the firefighters will have the manpower to protect our houses. It is up to us to protect our houses and our lives in this event. I recommend that everyone think about installing sprinkler systems on their roofs. Have a look at this you tube video and you will be convinced toohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Jcl0QpZJI.
We have installed sprinklers on our roofs and whilst it still could be improved what it means is we have in house firefighters working for us when and if we need them. The support for this type of system is increasing see US experience http://www.nfpa.org/research/statistical-reports/fire-protection-systems/us-experience-with-sprinklers. If anyone out there wants to know what we have done let me know. Its not a guarantee that nothing will go wrong but if you have a fireplan and intend to stay or even if you are planning to leave this system can be turned on as you leave.
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