another spring 2012

Hi there, spring is upon us again.

he batchelor pad

working on the computer has been transferred to the lounge room with the fire going right behind me

I have been very busy with getting things ready for another season after returning from Kashmir. It has been a dry winter but with rainy days upon us now.

That’s obviously good and bad for me. Its good in the sense that it reduces the necessity for further irrigation and reduces the risk of trees and fruit being affected by excessively dry conditions. However when rain occurs during blossom time (i.e. in Springtime)  it interferes with pollination as the bees stop working but it also means more fungicidal sprays are needed on the stonefruits especially the apricots. So that’s work that I have to do. For which I say to the Gods who are probably not listening anyway “Damn it”.

daffodils always make a good photographic record

daffodils always make a good photographic record


spring sometimes looks a little unreal

click the photo to look at more photos of my blooming spring collection