Noma’s visit

This year has been an amazing year. Ann and I have been very busy and alas my updates for our web site have been noticeably absent. Today is Christmas day and it is the only day we are closed. This gives me an opportunity to reflect and say hello to the world. HELLO!!!!

In recent weeks we have been contacted by an organisation called Noma. To you gastronomic devotees this is a well known organisation. They are a  Danish company who normally operate in Copenhagen. They specialise in offering a culinary experience like no other. They have a two star rating with Michelin. You may already have gathered from this rather weak description that I haven’t been indulged yet with a direct experience. Noma personal if you read this feel free to correct this matter.

As a special treat for Mr. Packer of Casino fame and in earlier years Newspapers now has installed Noma at the site of its new casino in Barangaroo for ten weeks. Sounds simple but it has been a marathon undertaking bringing the staff and the whole operation to Australia.

As such the Noma management have been developing the new menu which will incorporate a lot of native produce and of course be sourced with other Australian produce. It still seems amazing that the entire number of sittings has already been sold out and the future guests still have no idea what they will be getting. Even more amazing to me is the cost are quoted at $475 per head with additional costs for an accompanying wine selection. ( for more go to

All very interesting but what is this to do with Eureka Farm. Well it just so happens that we grow Blackcurrants amongst the large array of activities that we seemed to have taken on over the years. We were contacted to supply green unripened blackcurrants, the leaf from the bushes and the wood as well. Never have we had a client wanting the leaves or wood before. What can this mean?

We at first had trouble taking the request seriously. But they persevered and the day finally came when two representatives of the company turned up. My initial contact was with Thomas Frebel . For some reason he was unable to come and instead we met up with Beau Clugston , chief co-ordinator of the Sydney event and his side- kick Malcolm  a patisserie chief formerly from the Bronx. (sorry surname not known).



not often the top chiefs from Noma help us prepare lunch for our workers. I think they were starving

Beau, Malcolm and myself-Denis

Beau, Malcolm and myself-Denis




It didn’t take all that long to collect eight big boxes of wood and leaf. I imagine the airlines were somewhat intrigued when they turned up with this as baggage. I believe when processed this amounts to about 20 litres of infused product. I think we could actually make it here with less trouble and look forward to doing a trial.

My curiosity now is to explore these recipes used with this unfused product The blackcurrant leaf icecream sounds like a really good product. We have made ice-cream before with the fruit but this will be the first time we have used infusions.

Thanks  very much for your support Noma and we look forward to working with you on this project.


collecting the wood and leaves.

Apple and Pear Juice

The season is over and now time to clean up. We have heaps of apples this year and only geese and chickens to eat the throwaways. Fortunately my wine maker friend Geoff Wells loaned me his press and dicing machine. In the past I have offered him some of my waste apples but he said he had enough and why don’t you try making some for your self. It seemed like a good idea so on a very wet day ( yes it is starting to rain again) we decided to process some of our apples and pears.
Both the apples and the pears have to be diced in order for the press to extract the juice. Some of the apples are quite firm and also need cutting up before dropping in the dicing machine. It pays to be very careful with this machine as you could do yourself serious harm if you got your fingers near the blades.
Having diced until you are sick of it it is then necessary to charge the press. I found you didn’t need a cloth liner and in fact this slowed things down. It is very important to add on the spacers to the filled press so that the maximum amount of pressing can be done in one go.
The apples were much harder to extract the juice than the pears. And the yield wasn’t great. I am sure we could do more to improve that but as we had plenty of apples didn’t worry about it this time.

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Tassie’s Best Ice-cream

Warmer weather seems to get people out driving and seeing our beautiful countryside before they or the countryside gets too busy.

Well that also means we have to stock up with ice-cream. So on Saturday we prepared the fruit and the ice-cream base  and on Sunday we made the ice-cream. We were fortunate too in that it rained on Sunday so we had less to do outside.dscf0272All of our icecream use natural ingredients and what makes ours so different is that we use our own fruit and lots of it. Each batch is specifically formulated to take into account the type of fruit we







The result is a very fruity ice-cream but still 12% butterfat but tending to give the clean mouth feel of a sorbet.

It must be good as everyone comes back for more. We get so busy in the summer that we only produce ice-cream for our shop and do not distribute it.

So next week we have to make another lot and this time give some thought to producing a special ice-cream for Christmas. Maybe Christmas Pudding ice-cream but we would love to hear your ideas so why not write something in our comment section.