Bruce and Liz’s Wedding

I now have a new daughter in law – Liz Buchanan formerly Liz Joyce and two more grandchildren Charlotte and Sophie. What a great marriage. We attended the marriage in Phuket, Thailand on the 28th of September.

Everything about the marriage was great. Many of Liz’s family were there as well as my family. Many of us arrived early enough to get time to know each other and just relax in preparation for the great day.

I have taken the liberty of attaching my wedding speech.


1       Congratulations to Bruce and Liz.

On the Monday not too long ago Bruce rang me with a wonderful story as to how he proposed to Liz. A few days later he further announced that they were getting married in Thailand and would we come.

He had been coyingly referring to this trip to Phuket for some time and I had always ruled it out as too tame etc etc. However now I expect he had been thinking about a marriage strategy for some time.

So one minute I am in Tasmania trying to run an orchard and now I am here. What a great world we live in.

Postscript: please try to give me a little more warning about your next lot of plans.

2       Speech opportunity 

It is not often that I get the chance to say a few words in public about my son and now to his wife Liz. So I could and may now take advantage of this opportunity to tell you a little about how my son got to where he is today.

I recognize too that I don’t just speak on my own behalf but for all the others who can’t or are not here today. Today is an important milestone for Liz and Bruce.

Linda, his mum; Phylliss and David his grandparents, my Dad and his uncle Peter all played mammoth roles as Bruce was growing up.  It is difficult enough to write for myself but to attempt to encapsulate their feelings is somewhat daunting.  They have gone and this is my effort.

I speak too on behalf of the rest of the family – many who couldn’t be here today.

3      Bruce growing up

3.1    Bruce was born in 1972. It seems like such a long time ago. We only just made it toBaby Bruce the hospital in our VW Beetle after Linda announced in the early hours that the bed was wet. I suggested we still had plenty of time. Fortunately I was over-ruled. Bruce was born about two hours later.

To be honest now that he had arrived I wasn’t too sure what I had to do as a father or whether I would be any good at it.

But funny how easy it was to love this little critter. (PS he was little once). Yes, it was an amazing revelation to me to find that I just loved him. No need for any assessment, no need to propose, no need for anything really just be there and help him get along in life.

His first Trek

His First Trek

Young engineers weren’t wealthy in those days. And now that Bruce’s mum was home we only had the one wage. Not that we felt poor or in any way disadvantaged.   Good food, maybe go to the movies and an occasional meal at the Chinese restaurant. Family occasions, picnics and outdoor activities were our framework. However our House i.e. our first house was very small and in what was to become the trendy suburb of Glebe but needed a lot of work.

Somehow I had it in my head that I could fix up this old house and make it into a dream home. Well that’s what I tried to do. Unfortunately for the rest of the family they had to live with my dream. Many a time you had difficulty finding a non-dusty place to sleep and eat. And if you were health conscious then this was not the place to be.

Aimee and Pete’s wedding Day

Aimee with Kate (centre) and Emma (left)

Hi everyone. Aimee and Pete were married on the 26th February. What a great wedding. The wedding was held at Bicheno Church with the reception at Mt. Paul near Freycinet. Many thanks to the Wyminga’s for the loan of the house so that Aimee and the Bridal party could get dressed. Also thanks to Helen and Kim Paterson for the setting up of the lovely flowers at the church and in Kim’s case the use of his Bently and himself as chauffeur.

Many others should be thanked and will be in due course.

Aimee and flower girls , Hannah (centre) and Sarah (left)
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Ingrid & Justin’s Wedding


Ingrid and Justin renewed there vows on the 13th November. Ingrid is my niece just in case no one knows who are these characters. They live in Newcastle N.S.W.  So all the family and friends had to get to Newcastle for the occasion.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. The wedding was beautiful although Justin looked a little worried when Ingrid didn’t turn up. Something about running out of fuel in their car and an accident on the way. Still a late bride is traditional although I am not so sure that is the case when one is renewing one’s vows.

The reception was great- lots of work went into the decorations and lighting. The food was spectacular and music got everone up and dancing. What more could you want. I guess the answer to that one was pointed out in the speeches- everyone expects a repeat every decade.

A great wedding- a good test for me as I have to give a great speech at my daughter Aimee’s wedding in February. So Ingrid I need a copy of all speeches (& there was many) By the way for those who don’t know;  Igrids and Justin’s wedding was pipped by her sister’s elopement to Geoffrey just weeks before. And both nieces have jumped ahead of Aimee and Peter who I have already mentioned are getting married in February.(double click the following photos for larger view or go to night  ) Continue reading