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Tasmania’s approach to the impact of the Covid-19 Virus — 2 Comments

  1. Hallo Denis and Ann !

    I just read your last Blog about the the Covid 19-Virus…it is sooo sad, and I thought Tasmania is an
    Island and the problems would stay away from your wonderful Country .But now I only can wish you the best, stay healthy and we hope
    the world soon will leave this horrible,crazy time.And also I hope the world will learn a lot what is going wrong ..and go a better way!
    Austria has a stand still, but our Family is healthy and we think our Government stand together and try to make a good way ..
    Thank you again for the few wonderful days on the eureka farm with you .
    Traude, Fred and Sebastian from Austria

    • Tassie is still somewhat under control. There were several instances of the virus getting into the state as people returned from cruise ships. The protocols were not strict enough and we didn’t learn from the Japanese experience which was one of the first cruise ships affected. Tourism used to be considered a reasonably safe activity. that philosophy has been turned upside down. It would have been my last guess that a global pandemic would affect the whole world in such a short time. Just goes to show man is not as smart as we would like to think.

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