Tasmania’s nemesis: Pokies

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I would not normally make a political statement but for this election I will make an exception. I can’t see why the goal of eliminating poker machines in Tasmania shouldn’t be a bipartisan issue.
The fact that the Liberal Government supports the presence of poker machines in businesses such as pubs and casinos doesn’t do them any credit.

Gambling in this manner is practically a mindless activity which just like drugs, alcohol or eating can become addictive. It especially tends to affect those less able to afford it.
With the Farelll monopoly on gambling coming under review it is a golden opportunity to remove this form of gambling.
The ridiculous discussions about loss of jobs if pokies are removed is a further discrediting of the political system and in this case the Liberal Party. If one believed that pokies help create jobs why not escalate their spread and put them in schools, colleges hospitals on public transport and more. Of course everyone immediately recognises that this would be foolishness in the extreme. However just because we have adjusted to the present level of the pokie problem doesn’t make it a righteous one as the Government wants us to believe.
Tasmania promotes itself as a clean green state. A state with a difference, a state with a strong respect for its population. But on the downside the reality of this second statement needs to be seriously questioned. Mental illness , depression are at seriously high levels. Gambling is probably part of the mix causing this problem.
Removing pokies and showing the rest of Australia that we don’t need them should be part of  Tasmania’s well being. As far as jobs are concerned Tassie will survive with them them.

Our only choice therefore in this election but to vote LABOUR or the GREENS. Both parties support legislation to remove pokies from Tasmania.


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