the start of my 2012 venture to Nepal then India

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The start of my  2012 trip to Nepal and then India

Posted on June 12, 2012 by Denis Buchanan


I am now at Sydney  airport now writing my first note (using Evernote on my Acer notebook which I have decided to take this year).

I have just taken the train from my Mum’s place in Chatswood. Everyone on the train coming down from Epping seemed to be either listening to music or on their mobiles. Kind of looks like everyone has lost the ability to communicate.

I had quite a load 38.5kg in fact including an audiometer and a hearing analyser. But Cathay Pacific had given me permission to take extra baggage to Rob’s dis ability centre in Nepal.

Thank goodness they are loaded now as baggage and I am down to a small carry sack.

About Denis Buchanan

Once upon a time I was a Chemical Engineer now I am a born again Farmer. The transition was really quite easy with the major change that the life of feasibility studies has ended and any experiment that I wish to undertake is at my peril.


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