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  1. Thanks for the chance to air a few opinions!

    Very interested to read your post and your letter to the Examiner which goes a long way to explaining the absurd structure we now have – 3 more groups of public servants to supply water to 500,000 inhabitants!

    And regarding public servants, Mr Case should recall who pays his, no-doubt substantial, salary; it is we the rate-payers who pay him and his cohorts. Consequently, we would have appreciated a little less proclaiming of his qualifications and of his patronizing “this community” at the meeting. Had the authority been more transparent and supplied periodic information over the last years the mood of the meeting might well have been very different. As you say, “sleek wording” was indeed his style. Personally, I’m sick of spin.

    (By-the-by, there was a engineer from Ben Lomond, in civvies, what he fondly imagined to be coast-wear, in amongst the crowd, apparently to sniff the mood; was he in your head-count? And do we have any idea what it cost US to have this unasked-for circus descend on the town?)

    Mr Case also said that the Ben Lomond Authority was expected to pay back to Councils each year, so, please correct me if I am mistaken, we have:
    – eight not-for-profit Councils with elected representatives who are, in theory at least, answerable to the electors,
    – who have created a statutory(?) body with appointed officials who are, in theory, answerable to the Councils but,
    – who are expected to return a “profit” to the Councils.
    A nice piece of bureaucratic maneuvering leaving the customers/consumers nowhere, and of which Sir Humphrey would have been proud.

    One comment Mr Case made was that all consumers would pay the same usage charge at about ninety cents. How egalitarian! What did not occur to me until later was: what are Scamander’s SUPPLY charges and how do THEY compare to other communities.

    I know of more than one local business person who is refusing to pay their water rates until the supply is potable. The idea has merit!

    It was obvious within minutes that the Ben Lomond representatives at the meeting had no willingness to smooth the way for residents and no authority to do anything even had they been willing. A waste of time and a great deal of money.

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